28. NIJI(ニジ)

I look forward for the magical dusk !

Sky and earth are only one, everything sparkling in the night.

I feel like a star when my hair and my dress twinkling under the glow of the moon and streetlights !

.....Feel Like So.





J'attends avec impatience la tombée de la nuit !

Le ciel et la terre ne font plus qu'un ; l'ensemble de l'univers brille de mille éclats.

Et, j'ai l'impression d'être moi même une étoile quand mes cheveux et ma robe brille sous les rayons de la lune et des réverbères !


My name is Alexia Agulles ! I'm 25 year old and i actualy living in France ! I'm dreaming of traveling the world. I've always been attracted by art in general (In particular by drawing and painting) and by cute things ! Always. I've have a lot of hobbies and i can't imagine a day without create something.

I collect Pullips dolls since 10 years ago ! When i discover Pullip for the first time (I search inspiration for my future drawing) i was like : Oh my ! What is it ? It's absolutely cute ! I need one of my doll like this on my life !So, i save money for my first Pullip doll and now I've so many dolls on my collection ! Stock model and some full custom. Pullips are my perfect support for art !

I love challenges !I love to do try something new and better and let my imagination work on a original idea. AND i enjoy more to see how people appropriate at same theme but with in different ways. It's a learning experience !

Participate to 15th anniversary of Pullip it's important for me ! Pullips dolls have a really big importance on my life since i have my first Pullip doll . And have the opportunity to expose one of my lil' doll to Japan it's something completely incredible for me !

私の名前はAlexia Agulles ! フランスに住んでいる25歳です!世界を旅行したいと思っているの。いつもアート(特に絵を描くこと)やキュートなものに夢中!好きなことがたくさんあって、何もしない一日なんて想像できないわ。




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