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I am always online, connected to everything. 
Places, faces, the whole world is in my hands.

.....Feel Like So.

My name is Mariana, and I'm a doll collector and customizer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Around 2010, I saw pictures of Dal dolls and fell in love wih them. Dal Sooni was my first one, and is still my favourite; My Melody was my first Pullip. Today my doll family includes 7 Pullips, 4 Dals and 1 Isul!
I started customizing in 2011; with time and practice, Banana Dolls was born! I like to create sweet and funny dolls, with childish and cute styles. Participating in this contest is a dream come true!
I'm also a baker, and I enjoy illustrating and painting in my free time. I love art, and everything handmade.
Thank you!!



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